Tuesday, February 14, 2006

G is for ...


is a new dynamic type-based object-oriented language. It is meant to be simple, productive, powerful, extensible, dynamic,efficient and real-time. It heavily leverages features from manyearlier languages. In particular, it attempts to be a simplerlisp-syntaxed Dylan, an object-oriented Scheme, and a lispified Cecil. GOO's main goal is to offer the best of both scriptingand delivery languages while at the same time incorporating anextreme back-to-basics philosophy.


is a declarative, general-purpose programming language in the family of logic programming languages. It is a strongly typed language, the type system being based on many-sorted logic with parametric polymorphism. It has a module system. Gödel supports infinite precision integers, infinite precision rationals, and also floating-point numbers. It can solve constraints over finite domains of integers and also linear rational constraints. It supports processing of finite sets. It also has a flexible computation rule and a pruning operator which generalises the commit of the concurrent logic programming languages. Considerable emphasis is placed on Gödel's meta- logical facilities which provide significant support for meta-programs that do analysis, transformation, compilation, verification, debugging, and so on.


the Graphical Interfaced Multitasking Interpreter. One of the few GUIs made in QuickBASIC featuring multitasking. This one has its own script language for making programs, damm fast SVGA modes, lots of programs, and more!


the programming language for the ATARI portfolio
  • For the development smaller to medium sized programs.
  • Compilers and programs run on the portfolio and each PC.
  • Gofolio runs on the portfolio under all BIOS versions and without memory expansion.
  • Programming language for structured programming, which can be learned easily.
  • Gofolio runs very stably and fast on the portfolio.
  • Is particularly suitable for the hardware near programming of control -, measuring and regulation programs.
  • Gofolio support real numbers.

  • GPP

    is a general-purpose preprocessor with customizable syntax, suitable for a wide range of preprocessing tasks. Its independence from any one programming language makes it much more versatile than the C preprocessor (cpp), while its syntax is lighter and more flexible than that of GNU m4. There are built-in macros for use with C/C++, LaTeX, HTML, XHTML, and Prolog files.


    is the scripting engine which helps to create the embedded interpreter of your own language.

    GYS has built-in lexical and expression analyzer, but during interpretation it calls different user code for executing commands, operators, conversions and value getting. The interpreter is fully runtime - it reads code and interprets it at once. GYS doesn't generate any intermediate code. User doesn't have to use stack to implement his GYS-derived script language.is the scripting engine which helps to create the embedded interpreter of your own language.

    The "abstract" GYS interpreter can be called within application to execute the script according to the designed language definition and functionality. The library provides an easy and clear way to define a scipt language interpreter step-by-step: developer can define ... language elements ...


    GameMonkey is a scripting language that is intended for use in game and toolapplications. GameMonkey is however suitable for use in any project requiringsimple scripting support. GameMonkey Script is usually just referred to asGameMonkey and abbreviated to GM (gee-em).
    GameMonkey borrows concepts from Lua (www.lua.org), but uses syntax similar toC, making it more accessible to game programmers. GameMonkey also nativelysupports multithreading and the concept of states.


    was developed to address the frustrations we found trying to build complex control systems using C and C++. We wanted a programming language that would reduce the time and effort required to implement control strategies. Gamma has evolved into a powerful and dynamic language used in mission critical systems all over the world.


    is a lightweight script interpreter(bytecode compiler) that can be used in various applications. GeneralScript was developed as a part of The Gateway isometric role playing game engine but I thought that it would be more useful for everyone if GeneralScript was distributed as an individual project.
    As scripts are compiled to bytecode (not machine code), they take very little memory and are quite fast to execute.


    The Glee Programming Language is a new vector oriented interpretive computer programming tool. It is inspired by array oriented languages like APL, J, and K. It attempts to deliver many of the useful and powerful features of those languages for manipulating numeric data. Further, it strives to provide new functionality for consistent and powerful manipulation of character data. It is targeted at applications where languages like PERL, Python, and Java have found secure homes. These are all scalar languages so Glee has something new to bring to the party ... vector processing.


    is a programming language, that consists of largely imperative composition of C-like lexical layer, control structures and speed with ML's typesystem, functions as first class citizens, and safety. Plus possibly few more things, like objects.


    Gri is a language for scientific graphics programming. The word "language" is important: Gri is command-driven, not point/click.
    Some users consider Gri similar to LaTeX, since both provide extensive power as a reward for tolerating a learning curve.
    Gri can make x-y graphs, contour graphs, and image graphs, in PostScript and (someday) SVG formats. Control is provided over all aspects of drawing, e.g. line widths, colors, and fonts. A TeX-like syntax provides common mathematical symbols.


    is a simple, freeware, event-driven language which allows you to easily create and control many types of GUIs (user interfaces, windows, dialogs etc) to use as stand alone programs or as interfaces for other programs. It is an easy scripted language with many powerfull commands and capabilities and a simple intuitive structure.

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