Friday, February 24, 2006

U is for ...

- The UFO Project - The United Functions and Objects project has developed a programming language which unites functional and Object Oriented Programming techniques. A large subset of UFO is a pure functional language incorporating the OO notions of classes, inheritance, and dynamic binding. However, UFO as a whole is not a pure functional language. It has stateful objects, which allow programs to be written in a concurrent object-oriented style where appropriate. Safeguards are provided, both in the semantics of operations on stateful objects and in the type system, to minimise the problems associated with introducing state.

is a "modern dialect" descending from the Icon programming language. Unicon incorporates numerous new features and extensions to make the Icon language more suitable for a broad range of real-world applications.

Unicon is a superset of Icon with "looser slots and a higher payback" to use Las Vegas terminology. It adds objects, networking and file systems access, execution monitoring and visualization, and an ODBC database interface that operates on local files or across a network with SQL database servers. It is portable to (minimally) Linux, MS Windows, IRIX and Solaris environments. Part or all of Unicon will port readily to other Icon 9.4 platforms.

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