Friday, February 24, 2006

W is for ...

is a Basic interpreter that is:
  • Free
  • Open Source (LGPL)
  • Cross-platform (currently Windows and Linux)
wxBasic can create stand-alone executables by binding together source code with the interpreter. wxBasic is written primarily in C, with some C++ linking it to the wxWidgets library. wxWidgets supplies the cross-platform features. wxBasic runs on Windows using native controls, and Linux using the GTK Library. A Macintosh port is being actively investigated.

This is the visual compiler for programing games in 2d (strategic, ation, etc.) for windows, linux, unix and mac os! this very easy languaje, very similar to Div Games Studio. You can do exe files, and the instalation pack. (Spanish language)

is a rapid prototyping environment for creating and delivering GUI-based applications. It fills the same niche as TCL/TK, and Python, while employing more proven (and stable) underlying technologies. WINTERP uses a small, fast, object-oriented mini-Lisp interpreter based on XLISP-PLUS (David Betz, Tom Almy, Luke Tierney, et al), and has an object oriented interface to the OSF/Motif widget class hierarchy, and a combination of high-level object and functional interfaces to the Xtoolkit, Xlib, and underlying Unix system libraries. This environment significantly simplifies the construction of GUI-based applications, and makes these applications easier to modify and extend throughout the software life-cycle. It allows for the development of extensible applications in a safe execution environment -- errors in a new module won't destroy the whole system.
In addition to application development, WINTERP's features make it a good tool for learning about and experimenting with the capabilities of the OSF/Motif UI toolkit. Its rapid prototyping features allow UI and application designers to more easily play "what if" games with different interface styles.

is a basic interpreter written entirely in C++ without the use of lex or yacc. It shows how one can create a compiler or interpreter using some simple classes to parse and/or execute script code. It is a good way to fully understand how a parser/compiler actually works, at least that was the original purpose of this project. Later I added the ability to run shell commands just like in bash scripting and this gives the project also some nice practical use.

Finally a scripting language which has an easy syntax (for some reason bash just doesn't work like I want it too :). If you're also one of those people, like me, who needs to look at the man pages over and over again before being able to write that simple bash script that does not give parse errors, this project is probably worth looking at.

is a new language optimized for rapidly prototyping XML Web services. It delivers both power and simplicity. The language is as easy as BASIC and as powerful as LISP . It is a pure Web services Object Oriented platform that uses the ConciseXML™ syntax and provides OO Capability security.

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